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The Perfect Way To Get

Started In Powder Coating


Coat-N-Cure. One name says it all. An entry-level powder coating system designed with a manual hand coating booth (supplied by third party) and a cure oven so that users can establish themselves in powder coating quickly and cost-effectively.


The Coat-N-Cure systems can easily be expanded by adding a washer and dry-off oven. These systems are pre-engineered, pre-wired, and ready to ship. Your powder coating line can be up and running in one week after the delivery of equipment.


The standard Coat-N-Cure system can process parts up to 6 feet in length, while our straight-through design accommodates parts up to 10 feet and more. All components are custom designed and configured to your plant layout. Our modular powder coating system comes with an energy-efficient gas convection cure oven with 6" insulated walls and conveyor system. It's delivered to your facility on our own trucks and is installed using only trained and experienced Midwest Finishing employees. Now you are ready to Coat-N-Cure.


While Coat-N-Cure is an excellent choice for a powder coating line, it may also be used to supplement larger systems when small run color changes are required or they may be used as individual "lean cells" throughout the plant.


Coat-N-Cure Features

  • Great entry-level system for powder coating parts

  • Coat non-reclaim colors with Coat-N-Cure while running reclaim colors on your primary system

  • Good for coating pre-treated or shot blasted parts

  • Powder topcoat over E-coated parts

  • Use as individual finishing "cells" throughout larger manufacturing facilities

Coat-N-Cure Modular Powder System

Standard Coat-N-Cure Layout

Coat-N-Cure Powder Coating System

Standard Coat-N-Cure Specifications


Product Opening: 3' wide x 5' high

Line Speed: 3 fpm

Washer Times (Optional)

Wash: 100 seconds

Rinse: 40 seconds

Seal: 40 seconds

Dry Off Oven Time: 6 minutes

Cure Oven Time: 20 minutes

Standard Layout - Optional Washer & Dry-Off Oven

Coat-N-Cure Powder Coating System

Optional Layout For Longer Parts

Coat-N-Cure Powder Coating System

Optional In-line Layout

Coat-N-Cure Powder Coating System
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