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What Makes Us Different

From The Competition


For over 20 years, Midwest Finishing Systems has been a leading manufacturer of systems for powder and liquid coatings. Through the years, we've set ourselves apart by building a reputation for product innovation, quality workmanship, and superior service.


We stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in system design and construction allowing us to build and deliver the most state-of-the-art finishing systems available. Engineered for high performance and maximum efficiency, we provide the most value in the industry, incorporating features and benefits our competitors just don't have.

Powder Coating Lines

Unique Modular Design


Our unique modular design allows for flexible floor plan configurations and quicker installation. Each system is built in modular form at our facilities and then delivered as a finished unit to your location. Other systems houses construct their equipment on-site, consuming valuable floor space and time in your facility. Our equipment comes pre-wired, plumbed, and tested, resulting in less down time and a faster system start-up.

Powder Coating Lines

Quick Installation of Components


We ship your equipment on our own fleet of trucks for better control of quality and logistics. Our turnkey finishing systems arrive ready-to-set for quick installation. Instead of interrupting your production floor for months at a time, our installation takes only weeks to complete. We have the flexibility to work around your schedule while using only trained and experienced Midwest Finishing employees. Our modular equipment can be easily reconfigured for future expansion or relocation.

Industrial Finishing Systems

Custom System Controls


From InTouch controls with Panel View touch screens to IntelliTouch controls, capable of data logging all parameters of your system, we offer a variety of control packages and options. Our controls can be monitored from any location with visual displays that track all aspects of washer, oven, and conveyor operation. The result is a precision controlled system for greater productivity and reduced operating costs. We’ve even built-in diagnostics that can be accessed remotely by our staff for immediate system modifications or troubleshooting support.

Turnkey Finishing Systems

Unmatched Energy Savings


Exclusive Midwest Finishing insulation packages deliver substantial cost savings that help maximize the return on investment of our systems. Verified by an independent energy audit, our insulation packages are proven to reduce energy usage by up to 49%. These documented savings confirm you are investing in the industry’s most energy efficient finishing system. 

Powder Coating Systems

Applications Lab - Pretreatment Testing


When it comes to the critical step of pretreating parts, Midwest Finishing helps remove the guesswork with our Applications Lab. This unique facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and provides customers the opportunity to test various pretreatment scenarios. From initial soil identificaiton to full chemistry application, our lab provides a complete assessment of the pretreatment process. We can also compare process and chemistry options to ensure the best pretreatment solution is developed for the finishing or your parts.

Powder Coating Systems

Applications Lab - Cure Testing


Our lab is equipped with a variety of paint booths and industrial ovens allowing parts to be finished to your exact specifications. We can run different combinations to make sure the proper cure time and temperature are selected. All aspects of the cure process can be monitored through DataPaks including time to desired temperature, time at desired temperature, and different combinations of IR. Parts are then subjected to rigorous industry standard testing methods to verify that the best curing process has been selected.

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