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Industrial Finishing Ovens Engineered

For Performance and Efficiency

Midwest Finishing offers a variety of powder coating ovens for your dry-off and curing operations. Our ovens maximize value and are built to last with premium components, expert workmanship, and efficient operation.

Whether you’re running a powder coating or liquid coating system, all Midwest dry-off ovens and cure ovens are custom manufactured to your specific requirements. Working with you, we utilize the latest technology to design and precisely integrate components into your finishing system.


Midwest Finishing Oven Features


  • Provides uniform curing of parts

  • Accommodates various metals, part sizes, and conveyance options

  • Unique modular design with quick installation

  • 6-inch insulated walls

  • Engineered for energy-efficient operation and even heat distribution throughout

  • No thermal conduction through oven walls

  • Factory tested prior to shipment

  • Ready-to-set pre-wired modules

Midwest powder coating ovens are built in a modular format with no tongue-in-groove panels to be built on your shop floor. All ovens are factory tested and delivered pre-fabricated and pre-wired, ready-to-set for quick installation and less downtime. 

We construct our powder coating ovens with no metal-to-metal contact, eliminating unnecessary heat loss through the oven walls. The compact design provides even heating throughout, eliminating cool spots that can have an adverse effect on finish quality. Our exclusive insulation packages can provide additional energy savings.


Convection Cure Ovens


Deliver efficient and uniform curing of parts. As the popular industrial choice, these versatile cure ovens can accommodate various metals, part sizes, and conveyance options.


Dry-Off Ovens


Dry parts before painting, powder coating, or shipping. They are also effective in removing water residue left over from the washer pretreatment.


Batch Ovens


Ideal for accommodating large parts, longer cycle times, and variations in products or temperature. Parts are easily transferred into the batch oven by manual or powered conveyor or crane.


IR Ovens


When necessary, infrared options are available on our cure ovens. IR components can be used to gel powder, boost preheating and reduce cycle times, or minimize floor space requirements. Because parts have to be "seen" by the infrared heat emitter in order to produce consistent cure rates, parts must meet specific configurations.

Dry-off & Cure Ovens
Powder Coating Ovens
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