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Advanced System Controls

and Diagnostics


Midwest Finishing is a leading manufacturer of powder coating systems. To ensure maximum productivity and efficiency in our systems we integrate intelligent control packages. Custom designed for each system, our controls are programmed for your specific needs, manufacturing environment, and production goals. 

Our controls for powder coating systems monitor all operations for performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting resulting in less down time and lower operating costs.


Standard In-Touch Controls Package

  • Pre-wired and in-house tested

  • Provides full system control, automation, and production options

  • Complete diagnostics with remote support capability

  • PLC Controlled System

  • Touch Screen Interface

  • Allen-Bradley Components

  • User-Friendly Operator Interface

  • Graphical System Representation

  • Diagnostic/Alarm Displays

  • Online Help

  • Multi-level Security Access

  • Remote Support/Maintenance


Optional Intell-Touch Controls Features

  • Data Logging for Process Archiving

  • E-Saver Option

  • Maintenance Manager

  • Recipes

  • Part Tracking

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