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We Have Finishing Solutions

For Every Application


Midwest Finishing Systems is well versed with various finishing methods and technologies including powder and liquid coatings. In addition to our traditional finishing equipment, we also offer solutions for unique and complex coating requirements. From large, bulky parts to CARC coatings, we can help. Midwest has the capability to design a system that effectively integrates productivity and product quality with efficiency and environmentally friendly operation. Some of the finishing systems we have designed and installed include:


  • Highly flexible batch powder coating systems for unique configurations

  • Large opening systems

  • Aluminum specific systems (meets AAMA 2604 and AAMA2605)

  • Power and Free conveyor systems

  • Belt washers and ovens

  • CARC painting systems

  • Immersion cleaning system

  • Programmable crane immersion cleaning system

  • Spray wand stations

Finishing Solutions
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