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Setting the Standard for Performance and Quality in Pretreatment Equipment


The process of achieving a premium quality finish starts with a quality pretreatment process. The high-performance washers from Midwest Finishing are the perfect foundation for your finishing system. They provide what you need for surface cleaning, pretreatment, paint adhesion, and salt spray performance. Our pretreatment washers maximize value and are built to last with premium components, expert workmanship, and efficient operation. Engineered and custom-built to your specific product requirements and project goals, you can count on Midwest to deliver the industry’s best pretreatment washer.


Midwest Finishing Washer Features

  • Unique modular design with quick installation

  • Factory tested prior to shipment

  • Modules arrive on-site pre-wired and plumbed

  • Long life stainless steel components

  • Smooth wall interior

  • Insulated tanks & upper Housing


Washers range from simple single-stage modules to large multi-stage systems depending on the part's soil level and required coating quality. Midwest pretreatment washers ensure excellent paint adhesion, increase finish quality, prevent corrosion, and increase salt spray performance.


Designed for quick installation and less downtime, washers are built in a modular format and are factory tested, plumbed, and wired. We incorporate stainless steel parts for durable performance and long life providing distinct advantages over composite and polypropylene washers. Our exclusive insulation packages are designed to save up to 49% on your system’s energy usage.

Pretreatment Washers
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